NTP Analyzer  0.8.2
Analyze the operation of time servers
Ntp.Data.Provider Namespace Reference


class  MySqlFactory
class  PostgreSqlFactory
class  SqlDatabaseFactory

Detailed Description

Npqsql Connection String Parameters: Ref: http://www.npgsql.org/doc/connection-string-parameters.html

Note that by default, Npgsql will verify that your server’s certificate is valid. If you’re using a self-signed certificate this will fail. You can instruct Npgsql to ignore this by specifying Trust Server Certificate=true in the connection string. To precisely control how the server’s certificate is validated, you can register UserCertificateValidationCallback on NpgsqlConnection (this works just like on .NET’s SSLStream).

You can also have Npgsql provide client certificates to the server by registering the ProvideClientCertificatesCallback on NpgsqlConnection (this works just like on .NET’s SSLStream).

Ref: http://www.npgsql.org/doc/security.html