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Ntp.Data.Provider.SqlDatabaseFactory Class Referenceabstract
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Public Member Functions

abstract IDbCommand CreateCommand ()
abstract IDbConnection CreateConnection ()
abstract void CreateDatabase ()
abstract IDbConnection CreateGenericConnection ()
abstract IDbDataParameter CreateParameter (string name, object value)
abstract string DateAddMinutes (string dateColumn, string minuteColumn)
abstract string PrepareCheckTableSql (string table)
abstract string PrepareCreateTableSql (string sql)
abstract string PrepareInsertSql (string sql)
abstract string PrepareSql (string sql)

Static Public Member Functions

static void Initialize (IDatabaseConfiguration factoryConfiguration)

Static Protected Attributes

static IDatabaseConfiguration Config


static SqlDatabaseFactory Instance [get]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 27 of file SqlDatabaseFactory.cs.

Member Function Documentation

abstract IDbCommand Ntp.Data.Provider.SqlDatabaseFactory.CreateCommand ( )
pure virtual
abstract IDbConnection Ntp.Data.Provider.SqlDatabaseFactory.CreateConnection ( )
pure virtual
abstract void Ntp.Data.Provider.SqlDatabaseFactory.CreateDatabase ( )
pure virtual

Implemented in Ntp.Data.Provider.PostgreSqlFactory, and Ntp.Data.Provider.MySqlFactory.

Referenced by Ntp.Analyzer.Data.DatabaseInitializer.CreateDatabase().

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abstract IDbConnection Ntp.Data.Provider.SqlDatabaseFactory.CreateGenericConnection ( )
pure virtual
abstract IDbDataParameter Ntp.Data.Provider.SqlDatabaseFactory.CreateParameter ( string  name,
object  value 
pure virtual
abstract string Ntp.Data.Provider.SqlDatabaseFactory.DateAddMinutes ( string  dateColumn,
string  minuteColumn 
pure virtual
static void Ntp.Data.Provider.SqlDatabaseFactory.Initialize ( IDatabaseConfiguration  factoryConfiguration)

Definition at line 63 of file SqlDatabaseFactory.cs.

Referenced by Ntp.Analyzer.Process.Initializer.InitializeDatabase().

64  {
65  Config = factoryConfiguration;
66  }
static IDatabaseConfiguration Config

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abstract string Ntp.Data.Provider.SqlDatabaseFactory.PrepareCheckTableSql ( string  table)
pure virtual
abstract string Ntp.Data.Provider.SqlDatabaseFactory.PrepareCreateTableSql ( string  sql)
pure virtual
abstract string Ntp.Data.Provider.SqlDatabaseFactory.PrepareInsertSql ( string  sql)
pure virtual
abstract string Ntp.Data.Provider.SqlDatabaseFactory.PrepareSql ( string  sql)
pure virtual

Member Data Documentation

IDatabaseConfiguration Ntp.Data.Provider.SqlDatabaseFactory.Config

Definition at line 29 of file SqlDatabaseFactory.cs.

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