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Ntp.Analyzer.Process.Description.AboutPageJob Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 AboutPageJob (MenuConfiguration menu, AboutPageConfiguration page, LogBase log)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Ntp.Common.Process.JobDescription
override string ToString ()
 Returns a string that represents the current JobDescription. More...

Public Attributes

override string JobType => "About pages build"
override int Priority => 19
override ThreadType ThreadType => ThreadType.MultiThreaded
- Public Attributes inherited from Ntp.Common.Process.JobDescription
string Name => Configuration.ConfigName
 Gets the name. More...

Protected Member Functions

override void InternalExecute ()
 Implementing method for descendants. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Ntp.Analyzer.Process.Description.StreamJob
 StreamJob (IJobConfiguration config, LogBase log)
void SaveStream (IStreamGenerator generator)
void SaveStream (IStreamGenerator generator, string file)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Ntp.Common.Process.JobDescription
 JobDescription (IJobConfiguration config, LogBase log)
 Initializes a new instance of the JobDescription class. More...

Private Attributes

readonly MenuConfiguration menu
readonly AboutPageConfiguration page

Additional Inherited Members

- Package Functions inherited from Ntp.Common.Process.JobDescription
void Execute ()
 Perform execution of this instance. More...
- Properties inherited from Ntp.Common.Process.JobDescription
IJobConfiguration Configuration [get]
 Gets the configuration for the job. More...
abstract string JobType [get]
 Gets the type of the job as text. More...
LogBase Log [get]
 Gets the log to use when registering events. More...
abstract int Priority [get]
 Gets the priority to use when scheduling jobs. More...
abstract ThreadType ThreadType [get]
 Gets a value indicating whether this JobDescription should run as a single thread. More...

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Ntp.Analyzer.Process.Description.AboutPageJob.AboutPageJob ( MenuConfiguration  menu,
AboutPageConfiguration  page,
LogBase  log 

Definition at line 32 of file AboutPageJob.cs.

33  : base(page, log)
34  {
35  this.menu = menu;
36  this.page = page;
37  }
readonly AboutPageConfiguration page
Definition: AboutPageJob.cs:40

Member Function Documentation

override void Ntp.Analyzer.Process.Description.AboutPageJob.InternalExecute ( )

Implementing method for descendants.

Implements Ntp.Common.Process.JobDescription.

Definition at line 48 of file AboutPageJob.cs.

Member Data Documentation

override string Ntp.Analyzer.Process.Description.AboutPageJob.JobType => "About pages build"

Definition at line 44 of file AboutPageJob.cs.

readonly MenuConfiguration Ntp.Analyzer.Process.Description.AboutPageJob.menu

Definition at line 39 of file AboutPageJob.cs.

readonly AboutPageConfiguration Ntp.Analyzer.Process.Description.AboutPageJob.page

Definition at line 40 of file AboutPageJob.cs.

override int Ntp.Analyzer.Process.Description.AboutPageJob.Priority => 19

Definition at line 46 of file AboutPageJob.cs.

override ThreadType Ntp.Analyzer.Process.Description.AboutPageJob.ThreadType => ThreadType.MultiThreaded

Definition at line 42 of file AboutPageJob.cs.

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