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Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.Page.AboutPageConfiguration Class Reference
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Public Attributes

bool FixedRun => fixedRun ?? false
int Frequency => frequency ?? 0
bool InitialRun => initialRun ?? true
override PageTheme Theme => theme ?? PageTheme.Bootstrap
- Public Attributes inherited from Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.Page.PageConfigurationNode
Uri Link => link ?? WebPath.Append(Destinations.First().Location.Replace(FilePath, string.Empty))
 Gets the link to this page. More...
string Name => ConfigName
 Gets the name of this Navigation.ILinkable. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.HostSubConfiguration
override string FilePath => Server.FilePath
 Gets the file path in the HostSubConfiguration. More...
int HostId => Server.HostId
 Gets the host identifier in the HostSubConfiguration. More...
string ServerName => Server.ServerName
 Gets the name of the server in the HostSubConfiguration. More...
ServerType ServerType => Server.ServerType
 Gets the type of the server in the HostSubConfiguration. More...
Uri WebPath => Server.WebPath
 Gets the web path in the HostSubConfiguration. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.ConfigurationNode
virtual string FilePath => Parent.FilePath + SubPath
virtual string SubPath => string.Empty

Package Functions

 AboutPageConfiguration (string name, int?frequency, bool?initialRun, bool?fixedRun, string title, PageTheme?theme, int?serverId, string header, string content, Uri link, DestinationCollection destinations)
- Package Functions inherited from Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.ConfigurationNode
virtual void Assemble ()


Uri ConfigLink [get]
string Content [get]
string Header [get]
int ServerId [get]
override string Title [get]
- Properties inherited from Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.Page.PageConfigurationNode
DestinationCollection Destinations [get]
 Gets the destinations for output generated by this configuration. More...
abstract PageTheme Theme [get]
 Gets the theme/template to use for this page. More...
abstract string Title [get]
 Gets the title of this page. More...
- Properties inherited from Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.ConfigurationNode
string ConfigName [get]
ConfigurationNode Parent [get, set]
- Properties inherited from Ntp.Analyzer.Interface.IConfigurationNode
string ConfigName [get]
- Properties inherited from Ntp.Common.Process.IJobConfiguration
string ConfigName [get]
bool FixedRun [get]
int Frequency [get]
bool InitialRun [get]
- Properties inherited from Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.Navigation.ILinkable
Uri Link [get]
string Name [get]

Private Attributes

readonly bool fixedRun
readonly int frequency
readonly bool initialRun
readonly PageTheme theme

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.Page.PageConfigurationNode
 PageConfigurationNode (string name, DestinationCollection destinations, Uri link)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.HostSubConfiguration
 HostSubConfiguration (string name)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.ConfigurationNode
 ConfigurationNode (string name)
- Protected Attributes inherited from Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.HostSubConfiguration
HostConfiguration Server => Parent as HostConfiguration

Detailed Description

Definition at line 31 of file AboutPageConfiguration.cs.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.Page.AboutPageConfiguration.AboutPageConfiguration ( string  name,
int?  frequency,
bool?  initialRun,
bool?  fixedRun,
string  title,
PageTheme theme,
int?  serverId,
string  header,
string  content,
Uri  link,
DestinationCollection  destinations 

Definition at line 33 of file AboutPageConfiguration.cs.

References Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.Navigation.Header.

Member Data Documentation

readonly bool Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.Page.AboutPageConfiguration.fixedRun

Definition at line 58 of file AboutPageConfiguration.cs.

bool Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.Page.AboutPageConfiguration.FixedRun => fixedRun ?? false

Definition at line 97 of file AboutPageConfiguration.cs.

readonly int Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.Page.AboutPageConfiguration.frequency

Definition at line 59 of file AboutPageConfiguration.cs.

int Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.Page.AboutPageConfiguration.Frequency => frequency ?? 0

Definition at line 89 of file AboutPageConfiguration.cs.

readonly bool Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.Page.AboutPageConfiguration.initialRun

Definition at line 60 of file AboutPageConfiguration.cs.

bool Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.Page.AboutPageConfiguration.InitialRun => initialRun ?? true

Definition at line 93 of file AboutPageConfiguration.cs.

readonly PageTheme Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.Page.AboutPageConfiguration.theme

Definition at line 61 of file AboutPageConfiguration.cs.

override PageTheme Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.Page.AboutPageConfiguration.Theme => theme ?? PageTheme.Bootstrap

Definition at line 65 of file AboutPageConfiguration.cs.

Property Documentation

Uri Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.Page.AboutPageConfiguration.ConfigLink

Definition at line 85 of file AboutPageConfiguration.cs.

string Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.Page.AboutPageConfiguration.Content

Definition at line 81 of file AboutPageConfiguration.cs.

string Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.Page.AboutPageConfiguration.Header

Definition at line 73 of file AboutPageConfiguration.cs.

int Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.Page.AboutPageConfiguration.ServerId

Definition at line 77 of file AboutPageConfiguration.cs.

override string Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.Page.AboutPageConfiguration.Title

Definition at line 69 of file AboutPageConfiguration.cs.

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