NTP Analyzer  0.8.2
Analyze the operation of time servers
Ntp.Analyzer.Interface.IHostGraphConfiguration Interface Reference
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double Gfrequency [get]
int HostId [get]
double Stability [get]
- Properties inherited from Ntp.Analyzer.Interface.IDispersionGraphConfiguration
double FilterFactor [get]
double Jitter [get]
double Offset [get]
- Properties inherited from Ntp.Analyzer.Interface.IGraphBaseConfiguration
ImageFormat Format [get]
DateTimeKind GraphTime [get]
int Height [get]
IEnumerable< StreamDestinationLocations [get]
int Timespan [get]
string Title [get]
int Width [get]

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Property Documentation

double Ntp.Analyzer.Interface.IHostGraphConfiguration.Gfrequency

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int Ntp.Analyzer.Interface.IHostGraphConfiguration.HostId

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double Ntp.Analyzer.Interface.IHostGraphConfiguration.Stability

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