NTP Analyzer  0.8.2
Analyze the operation of time servers
Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Table.KeywordToken Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 KeywordToken (Keyword keyword, string text)
override bool Equals (object obj)
override int GetHashCode ()

Public Attributes

override Symbol Symbol => Keyword.Symbol
override TokenType TokenType => TokenType.Keyword
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bool IsText


Keyword Keyword [get]
override string Text [get]
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abstract Symbol Symbol [get]
abstract string Text [get]
abstract TokenType TokenType [get]

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Table.Token
static Token EndOfFile = new SymbolToken(Symbol.EndOfFile)
static Token NewLine = new SymbolToken(Symbol.NewLine, Environment.NewLine)
static Token Undefined = new SymbolToken(Symbol.Undefined)
static Token Whitespace = new SymbolToken(Symbol.WhiteSpace, " ")

Detailed Description

Definition at line 24 of file KeywordToken.cs.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Table.KeywordToken.KeywordToken ( Keyword  keyword,
string  text 

Definition at line 26 of file KeywordToken.cs.

27  {
28  Keyword = keyword;
29  Text = text;
30  }

Member Function Documentation

override bool Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Table.KeywordToken.Equals ( object  obj)

Definition at line 40 of file KeywordToken.cs.

References Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Table.KeywordToken.Keyword.

41  {
42  var other = obj as KeywordToken;
43  if (other == null)
44  return false;
46  return other.Keyword == Keyword;
47  }
KeywordToken(Keyword keyword, string text)
Definition: KeywordToken.cs:26
override int Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Table.KeywordToken.GetHashCode ( )

Definition at line 49 of file KeywordToken.cs.

References Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Table.Keyword.GetHashCode().

50  {
51  return Keyword.GetHashCode();
52  }

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Member Data Documentation

override Symbol Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Table.KeywordToken.Symbol => Keyword.Symbol

Definition at line 36 of file KeywordToken.cs.

override TokenType Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Table.KeywordToken.TokenType => TokenType.Keyword

Definition at line 34 of file KeywordToken.cs.

Property Documentation

Keyword Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Table.KeywordToken.Keyword

Definition at line 32 of file KeywordToken.cs.

Referenced by Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Table.KeywordToken.Equals().

override string Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Table.KeywordToken.Text

Definition at line 38 of file KeywordToken.cs.

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