NTP Analyzer  0.8.2
Analyze the operation of time servers
Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.StatConfiguration Class Reference
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Public Attributes

bool FixedRun => Bulk?.FixedRun ?? FixedRunConfig
bool FixedRunConfig => fixedRun ?? true
int Frequency => Bulk?.Frequency ?? frequency
string FrequencyConfig => Bulk != null ? Bulk.Name : frequency.ToString()
bool InitialRun => Bulk?.InitialRun ?? InitialRunConfig
bool InitialRunConfig => initialRun ?? true
DateTimeKind TimeStamp => Bulk?.TimeStamp ?? (timeStamp ?? TimeStampConfig)
DateTimeKind TimeStampConfig => timeStamp ?? DateTimeKind.Utc
- Public Attributes inherited from Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.HostSubConfiguration
override string FilePath => Server.FilePath
 Gets the file path in the HostSubConfiguration. More...
int HostId => Server.HostId
 Gets the host identifier in the HostSubConfiguration. More...
string ServerName => Server.ServerName
 Gets the name of the server in the HostSubConfiguration. More...
ServerType ServerType => Server.ServerType
 Gets the type of the server in the HostSubConfiguration. More...
Uri WebPath => Server.WebPath
 Gets the web path in the HostSubConfiguration. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.ConfigurationNode
virtual string FilePath => Parent.FilePath + SubPath
virtual string SubPath => string.Empty

Package Functions

 StatConfiguration (string configName, ReadingBulkConfiguration bulk, DateTimeKind?timeStamp, int?frequency, bool?initialRun, bool?fixedRun)
- Package Functions inherited from Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.ConfigurationNode
virtual void Assemble ()


ReadingBulkConfiguration Bulk [get]
- Properties inherited from Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.ConfigurationNode
string ConfigName [get]
ConfigurationNode Parent [get, set]
- Properties inherited from Ntp.Analyzer.Interface.IConfigurationNode
string ConfigName [get]
- Properties inherited from Ntp.Common.Process.IJobConfiguration
string ConfigName [get]
bool FixedRun [get]
int Frequency [get]
bool InitialRun [get]

Private Attributes

readonly bool fixedRun
readonly int frequency
readonly bool initialRun
readonly DateTimeKind timeStamp

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.HostSubConfiguration
 HostSubConfiguration (string name)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.ConfigurationNode
 ConfigurationNode (string name)
- Protected Attributes inherited from Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.HostSubConfiguration
HostConfiguration Server => Parent as HostConfiguration

Detailed Description

Definition at line 29 of file StatsConfiguration.cs.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.StatConfiguration.StatConfiguration ( string  configName,
ReadingBulkConfiguration  bulk,
DateTimeKind?  timeStamp,
int?  frequency,
bool?  initialRun,
bool?  fixedRun 

Definition at line 31 of file StatsConfiguration.cs.

39  : base(configName)
40  {
41  Bulk = bulk;
42  this.frequency = frequency ?? 0;
43  this.initialRun = initialRun;
44  this.fixedRun = fixedRun;
45  this.timeStamp = timeStamp;
46  }

Member Data Documentation

readonly bool Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.StatConfiguration.fixedRun

Definition at line 48 of file StatsConfiguration.cs.

bool Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.StatConfiguration.FixedRun => Bulk?.FixedRun ?? FixedRunConfig

Definition at line 75 of file StatsConfiguration.cs.

bool Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.StatConfiguration.FixedRunConfig => fixedRun ?? true

Definition at line 65 of file StatsConfiguration.cs.

readonly int Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.StatConfiguration.frequency

Definition at line 49 of file StatsConfiguration.cs.

int Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.StatConfiguration.Frequency => Bulk?.Frequency ?? frequency

Definition at line 77 of file StatsConfiguration.cs.

string Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.StatConfiguration.FrequencyConfig => Bulk != null ? Bulk.Name : frequency.ToString()

Definition at line 69 of file StatsConfiguration.cs.

readonly bool Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.StatConfiguration.initialRun

Definition at line 50 of file StatsConfiguration.cs.

bool Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.StatConfiguration.InitialRun => Bulk?.InitialRun ?? InitialRunConfig

Definition at line 73 of file StatsConfiguration.cs.

bool Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.StatConfiguration.InitialRunConfig => initialRun ?? true

Definition at line 61 of file StatsConfiguration.cs.

readonly DateTimeKind Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.StatConfiguration.timeStamp

Definition at line 51 of file StatsConfiguration.cs.

DateTimeKind Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.StatConfiguration.TimeStamp => Bulk?.TimeStamp ?? (timeStamp ?? TimeStampConfig)

Definition at line 71 of file StatsConfiguration.cs.

DateTimeKind Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.StatConfiguration.TimeStampConfig => timeStamp ?? DateTimeKind.Utc

Definition at line 57 of file StatsConfiguration.cs.

Property Documentation

ReadingBulkConfiguration Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.StatConfiguration.Bulk

Definition at line 53 of file StatsConfiguration.cs.

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