NTP Analyzer  0.8.2
Analyze the operation of time servers
Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.NotifyConfiguration Class Reference
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Public Attributes

bool EnableSsl => ssl ?? false
bool FixedRun => fixedRun ?? true
int Frequency => frequency ?? 1440
bool InitialRun => initialRun ?? true
int SmtpPort => port ?? 25
- Public Attributes inherited from Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.ConfigurationNode
virtual string FilePath => Parent.FilePath + SubPath
virtual string SubPath => string.Empty

Package Functions

 NotifyConfiguration (string configName, bool?initialRun, bool?fixedRun, int?frequency, string mail, string subject, string sender, string server, int?port, string user, string pass, bool?ssl)
- Package Functions inherited from Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.ConfigurationNode
virtual void Assemble ()


string Mail [get]
string Sender [get]
string SmptServer [get]
string SmtpPass [get]
string SmtpUser [get]
string Subject [get]
- Properties inherited from Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.ConfigurationNode
string ConfigName [get]
ConfigurationNode Parent [get, set]
- Properties inherited from Ntp.Analyzer.Interface.IConfigurationNode
string ConfigName [get]
- Properties inherited from Ntp.Common.Process.IJobConfiguration
string ConfigName [get]
bool FixedRun [get]
int Frequency [get]
bool InitialRun [get]

Private Attributes

readonly bool fixedRun
readonly int frequency
readonly bool initialRun
readonly int port
readonly bool ssl

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.ConfigurationNode
 ConfigurationNode (string name)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 28 of file NotifyConfiguration.cs.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.NotifyConfiguration.NotifyConfiguration ( string  configName,
bool?  initialRun,
bool?  fixedRun,
int?  frequency,
string  mail,
string  subject,
string  sender,
string  server,
int?  port,
string  user,
string  pass,
bool?  ssl 

Definition at line 30 of file NotifyConfiguration.cs.

Member Data Documentation

bool Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.NotifyConfiguration.EnableSsl => ssl ?? false
readonly bool Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.NotifyConfiguration.fixedRun

Definition at line 58 of file NotifyConfiguration.cs.

bool Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.NotifyConfiguration.FixedRun => fixedRun ?? true

Definition at line 107 of file NotifyConfiguration.cs.

readonly int Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.NotifyConfiguration.frequency

Definition at line 60 of file NotifyConfiguration.cs.

int Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.NotifyConfiguration.Frequency => frequency ?? 1440

Definition at line 99 of file NotifyConfiguration.cs.

readonly bool Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.NotifyConfiguration.initialRun

Definition at line 61 of file NotifyConfiguration.cs.

bool Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.NotifyConfiguration.InitialRun => initialRun ?? true

Definition at line 103 of file NotifyConfiguration.cs.

readonly int Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.NotifyConfiguration.port

Definition at line 62 of file NotifyConfiguration.cs.

int Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.NotifyConfiguration.SmtpPort => port ?? 25
readonly bool Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.NotifyConfiguration.ssl

Definition at line 63 of file NotifyConfiguration.cs.

Property Documentation

string Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.NotifyConfiguration.Mail

Definition at line 67 of file NotifyConfiguration.cs.

string Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.NotifyConfiguration.Sender

Definition at line 75 of file NotifyConfiguration.cs.

string Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.NotifyConfiguration.SmptServer
string Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.NotifyConfiguration.SmtpPass
string Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.NotifyConfiguration.SmtpUser
string Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.NotifyConfiguration.Subject

Definition at line 71 of file NotifyConfiguration.cs.

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