NTP Analyzer  0.8.2
Analyze the operation of time servers
Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.DatabaseConfiguration Class Reference
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Public Attributes

bool EnableSsl => ssl ?? false
bool Import => import ?? true
bool Initialize => initialize ?? false
bool Upgrade => upgrade ?? false
- Public Attributes inherited from Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.ConfigurationNode
virtual string FilePath => Parent.FilePath + SubPath
virtual string SubPath => string.Empty

Package Functions

 DatabaseConfiguration (string configName, SqlDatabaseProvider provider, string host, int?port, string name, string user, string pass, string connString, string certFile, string certPass, int?connectionTimeout, int?protocol, bool?ssl, bool?initialize, bool?upgrade, bool?import)
- Package Functions inherited from Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.ConfigurationNode
virtual void Assemble ()


string CertificateFile [get]
string CertificatePassword [get]
string ConnectionString [get]
int ConnectionTimeout [get]
 Get the time to wait (in seconds) while trying to establish a connection before terminating the attempt and generating an error. More...
string Host [get]
string Name [get]
string Pass [get]
int Port [get]
int Protocol [get]
SqlDatabaseProvider Provider [get]
string User [get]
- Properties inherited from Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.ConfigurationNode
string ConfigName [get]
ConfigurationNode Parent [get, set]
- Properties inherited from Ntp.Analyzer.Interface.IConfigurationNode
string ConfigName [get]
- Properties inherited from Ntp.Data.IDatabaseConfiguration
string CertificateFile [get]
string CertificatePassword [get]
string ConnectionString [get]
int ConnectionTimeout [get]
bool EnableSsl [get]
string Host [get]
string Name [get]
string Pass [get]
int Port [get]
int Protocol [get]
SqlDatabaseProvider Provider [get]
string User [get]

Private Attributes

readonly bool import
readonly bool initialize
readonly bool ssl
readonly bool upgrade

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.ConfigurationNode
 ConfigurationNode (string name)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 28 of file DatabaseConfiguration.cs.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.DatabaseConfiguration.DatabaseConfiguration ( string  configName,
SqlDatabaseProvider  provider,
string  host,
int?  port,
string  name,
string  user,
string  pass,
string  connString,
string  certFile,
string  certPass,
int?  connectionTimeout,
int?  protocol,
bool?  ssl,
bool?  initialize,
bool?  upgrade,
bool?  import 

Definition at line 30 of file DatabaseConfiguration.cs.

48  : base(configName)
49  {
50  Provider = provider;
51  Host = host;
52  Port = port;
53  Name = name;
54  User = user;
55  Pass = pass;
56  ConnectionString = connString;
57  CertificateFile = certFile;
58  CertificatePassword = certPass;
59  Protocol = protocol;
60  ConnectionTimeout = connectionTimeout;
61  this.ssl = ssl;
62  this.initialize = initialize;
63  this.upgrade = upgrade;
64  this.import = import;
65  }
int ConnectionTimeout
Get the time to wait (in seconds) while trying to establish a connection before terminating the attem...

Member Data Documentation

bool Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.DatabaseConfiguration.EnableSsl => ssl ?? false

Definition at line 91 of file DatabaseConfiguration.cs.

readonly bool Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.DatabaseConfiguration.import

Definition at line 67 of file DatabaseConfiguration.cs.

bool Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.DatabaseConfiguration.Import => import ?? true
readonly bool Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.DatabaseConfiguration.initialize

Definition at line 69 of file DatabaseConfiguration.cs.

bool Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.DatabaseConfiguration.Initialize => initialize ?? false
readonly bool Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.DatabaseConfiguration.ssl

Definition at line 70 of file DatabaseConfiguration.cs.

readonly bool Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.DatabaseConfiguration.upgrade

Definition at line 71 of file DatabaseConfiguration.cs.

bool Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.DatabaseConfiguration.Upgrade => upgrade ?? false

Property Documentation

string Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.DatabaseConfiguration.CertificateFile

Definition at line 105 of file DatabaseConfiguration.cs.

string Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.DatabaseConfiguration.CertificatePassword

Definition at line 110 of file DatabaseConfiguration.cs.

string Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.DatabaseConfiguration.ConnectionString

Definition at line 87 of file DatabaseConfiguration.cs.

int Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.DatabaseConfiguration.ConnectionTimeout

Get the time to wait (in seconds) while trying to establish a connection before terminating the attempt and generating an error.

Definition at line 118 of file DatabaseConfiguration.cs.

string Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.DatabaseConfiguration.Host

Definition at line 126 of file DatabaseConfiguration.cs.

string Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.DatabaseConfiguration.Name

Definition at line 134 of file DatabaseConfiguration.cs.

string Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.DatabaseConfiguration.Pass

Definition at line 142 of file DatabaseConfiguration.cs.

int Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.DatabaseConfiguration.Port

Definition at line 130 of file DatabaseConfiguration.cs.

int Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.DatabaseConfiguration.Protocol

Definition at line 101 of file DatabaseConfiguration.cs.

SqlDatabaseProvider Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.DatabaseConfiguration.Provider

Definition at line 122 of file DatabaseConfiguration.cs.

string Ntp.Analyzer.Config.Node.DatabaseConfiguration.User

Definition at line 138 of file DatabaseConfiguration.cs.

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